Bark Mulch

Our Pine Bark is of the highest quality on the market.  Why compromise on quality and buy wood waste?  Not only do we provide this high quality product;  we sell it for a similar price to some of the muck we see dropped off!   Being professional horticulturists by trade, we know how much damage can be done by poor quality bark or wood waste when it has not been properly composted. We are so confident in the quality of our Pine Mulch that, should you not be as impressed as we are, then you can simply send it back for a refund.  It is also certified suitable for childrens play areas. We also sell a lower quality bark - Contract Bark - for those on a budget and if that is what the job dictates.  However, we have still been very careful to make sure it is still of the same high quality and has been properly composted.  So, you can still fear not and buy with confidence!  We do recommend Pure Pine Bark for our trees and shrubs.  A cubic bag covers approximately  20-25sqm at a depth of 25mm or 10-12sqm at 50mm depth 

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